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Third Thursday Free Classified Submission Form

Each third Thursday of the month, you can place a classified ad in select categories of The Star-News FOR FREE

We all find stuff that we don’t use anymore. But just an item or two does not a yard sale make. So you stick those items out of sight and forget about them until your next cleaning. Or you list it with one of the free internet classified services.

Now, you can unleash the powerful local reach of The Star-News once a month for free. And the ad you submit is automatically uploaded to the public portion of our website for our online classified audience.

By submitting your items for sale, you will be helping to create a big multi-family yard sale each month. What have you got to lose?

Here are the rules (C’mon, there always have to be rules):

1. We will accept ads via email only (see email link below). They must be text only, 20 words or less. Sorry, no telephone or handwritten submissions will be accepted.

2. There is a limit of ten ads per customer and no single item can run in more than one category. The category you choose must be the one best suited to the item.

3. If your item doesn’t find a home and you want to try again the next month, you must resubmit your ad.

4. The asking price for the item must be $250 or less.

So start taking inventory of what you want to advertise today and use the link below to submit your ad(s). Join in the fun!

Next Third Thursday free classified event: January 16th (no event for December). Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, January 14th at noon. Place your free ads now!

Don't forget to tell us which category in which you want your ad(s) placed. If you do not specify, we will place it in what we judge to be the most appropriate category.

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